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Airlink Express, version

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Spotter, version

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Freckles, version

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QRZ?, version

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Please note: the content on this site is rather dated. It's here for archival purposes and to keep references to this site active. To see what I'm currently working on, please visit The Ham Lab


Here you can find Amateur Radio related software I have written for various platforms. Some software is Open Source and some is not. I also maintain some pages here describing software that I no longer maintain due to the completion of its life cycle.

Currently I am most active on the Windows 7 and 8 platform developing .Net applications in Visual Basic and (now mostly) C#, but also use Javascript and HTML to write gadgets for the Windows Vista/7/8 Sidebar. Some applications, like Airlink Express, are hosted on their own web site.

Windows vista/7/8 sidebar gadgets


Spotter, a DX Spotting Gadget
When chasing DX is your passion and Microsoft Vista or Windows 7 runs on your shack computer, you're in luck. This Spotter Gadget will put the latest DX spots from DX Summit conveniently on your desktop. More...


QRZ?, a Callbook Gadget
If you're running Microsoft Vista or Windows 7/8 on your shack computer and want quick access to callbook information for a callsign, then this gadget is for you. More...


Freckles, a Sunspot Info Gadget
As Amateur Radio Operators we love gadgets and freckles. The more the merrier! If you're running Microsoft Vista on your shack computer, here's one more gadget for you. More...

Widgets for Apple's Dashboard (OS X)

Dashboard Widgets for OS X

Spotter, QRZ? and Freckles for Dasboard
The architecture of Apple's Dashboard in OS X is very similar to that of the Sidebar in Microsoft Vista/7/8. When I acquired a Macbook it was a no brainer for me to port the Vista/7/8 gadgets to OS X widgets.  More...

Airlink express

Airlink Express

Airlink Express
AirLink Express is a user friendly digital mode software package for the Amateur Radio Operator. The software is compatible with Microsoft Windows XP and Microsoft Windows Vista, 7 and 8. It offers PSK, MFSK and RTTY digital modes with logging and macro capabilities. More...

Serial controller software for ad9851 dds

AD9851 DDS

Serial DDS Controller Software for the DDS -60 Kit
You built the DDS-60 kit from AmQRP and you built the Serial DDS Controller for it, but it doesn't work. Now what? More...



The following software products are not maintained anymore because they reached the end of their life cycle. Of course the software is still fully functional and is listed here for reference purposes. That does not mean that these products have become public domain! I still maintain the copyrights on them.


Cybiko UI Frame (APRS) Software Suite
The Cybiko is a small wireless handheld computer that's just a little bit larger than a PDA. It was designed for teenagers to play video games and "chat" with others who have Cybikos. For this platform I wrote APRS software so that these versatile computers can be combined with a Terminal Node Controller (TNC) and a GPS device to build a tracker, an instant messaging and mapping device, or a gateway between the 2 meter Amateur Radio APRS network and 900MHz FCC Part 15 network all Cybikos reside on. More...


OpenTRAC KISS Frame Generator
To support development of OpenTRAC hardware and software I developed this little tool called "tracgen" which will generate OpenTRAC position elements. More...

Terminal Node Controller

KISSGEN, a KISS Frame Generator
The KISS Frame Generator is a simple little command line Windows application that reads frames from a file containing UI Frames in TNC-2 format, converts them into KISS frames and sends them to a specified serial port at a specified speed and at a specified interval.  More...