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Cybiko Software

The following files are available for download:

- The Installer which is needed to install the software on your Cybiko.

- UI/KISS Driver, UI Messenger and UI Gate

After downloading the files unzip them and read the Installation chapter in the UI Messenger or UI Gate manual for instructions on how to install the software on your Cybiko.

- UI Power Executable does not need the Installer software. Unzip it and simply download it onto your Cybiko, reboot the Cybiko, and then you'll find the application under the "Applications" menu.

- UI Power Source is published under the GNU Public License.

If you decide to give this a shot, please let know by dropping me an email. I would very much like to hear from you what your experiences are, good or bad.


Manuals in PDF format are available for:

UI Messenger Manual

UI Messenger Manual

UI Messenger Manual

UI Gate Manual


The installation kit above contains a basic set of maps for the USA and Europe. More maps are available below, including the maps from the basic installation:

- Canada (donated by Eric Dussault, VE2TSO)
- Europe (included in basic installation)
- USA (included in basic installation)
- Hawaii
- Southern Fairfield County, New York, Long Island Sound
- Charleston, SC Area

Download the zip files containing the maps and info files, unzip them and simply download them onto your Cybiko. UI Messenger will find them automatically and make them available to you.